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It is our great passion at Alpha Placement Technology to develop the world’s most sophisticated database driven optimization technology that gives a decisive advantage in winning high search engine placement in today’s competitive real estate market. Counter intuitively, it takes great complexity to design advanced website systems that are “simple” and user-friendly enough to be easily used by the general public with no technical skill set in either website construction or optimization. Simplicity and automation without compromising excellence of results have been landmarks in guiding our development team.

Our core development team of co-inventors of this technology includes gifted personnel with considerable experience in programming code writing, software database engineering, and search engine optimization skills. Our team also includes an in-house staff gifted in graphic arts and website development.

Our staff understands the importance of keeping a “big picture” focus on what it takes to win and maintain top search engine placements. So, in those “people task” areas where technology cannot come to the rescue, we established an offshore partnership to provide extremely inexpensive link exchanging for our customers at absolutely no mark-up in pricing. For the do-it-yourself person, we have a free service center to keep you on the right path with your content writing and link exchanging.




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