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Questions about MLS Enhancer?

  1. What makes MLS Enhancer™ different than MLS/IDX applications that are in general use today?

  2. Are MLS real estate listings actually placed on the web by real estate websites and can the search engines find them?

  3. If I am not a "techy" type person, is getting a sophisticated database driven web application like MLS Enhancer more than I can handle?

  4. How does MLS Enhancer handle the increasing complexity of the search engine algorithms?

  5. Do you need ongoing optimization to adjust to the changing algorithms?

  6. If everybody uses MLS Enhancer™, wouldn't that negate any advantage of using this technology?

  7. Will MLS Enhancer™ win top search engine placement without additional effort on the part of the realtor?

  8. Does using MLS Enhancer ™ violate any MLS rules or regulations?

  9. Does MLS Enhancer™ create spam because it uses automation to accomplish many tasks required for optimization?

  10. Can my present website be modified to use MLS Enhancer™?

  11. What do I do with my old website?

  12. If I add content pages over time, how will that affect the site’s navigation and link structure?

  13. If I'm not a writer, so how do I get content for my website?

  14. What is the difference between on-site and off-site optimization?

  15. How important is off-site optimization?

  16. How do I optimize for off-site issues?

  17. How important is it to keep adding original content to my site?

  18. 18. How long does it take to win top search engine visibility?


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