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New patent pending MLS delivery system designed to generate top search engine placement for real estate websites.

Beta test with us a new patent pending technology that will forever raise the bar for winning website visibility. We are licensing a limited number of realtors to use this powerful, algorithm-smart web application that automatically optimizes both your website’s content and link structures. No programming or technical knowledge is needed for setup. Realtors can just focus on adding community descriptions and other useful client content without having to be concerned with the backend support of optimizing their website.

MLS Enhancer produces a powerful enterprise mega-site by transforming your entire regional database of MLS listings into highly optimized individual pages and then organizing them into focused themed landing pages. No hand coded optimization methodology can match the efficiency of this process and make deep onsite optimization cost effective without the power of database efficiency. Thousands of MLS listings can now be highly optimized and integrated into content in fractions of a second making deep site optimization cost-effective for the first time.

Additionally, all listings are assigned a static, spider-friendly URL (webpage address) so that the search engines will actually index all MLS listings into their database with your personal branding and contact information included. MLS Enhancer is not just a simple mod-rewrite program that changes dynamic address to static ones, it parses all of the variables of a listing record and reorganizes the placement of the keyword phrases on the landing pages in a manor that are highly optimized for search engine placement.

A technology designed to generate website visibility.

IDX companies have chosen to compete for your business by providing helpful user tools, but they have failed to develop a technology capable of generating website visibility. Consequently, most real estate websites never achieve high enough placements on the search engines to generate leads. With the great majority of homebuyers now using the web to find their next home, only MLS Enhancer has provided an automated solution that enhances your website’s ability to achieve top search engine visibility by freeing the realtor to be a community content provider and not a technical e-pro technician.


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