Are you a victim of the Field of Dreams Myth?


Build a field and they will come, right? It worked in a Hollywood movie to garner ballplayers, but it doesn’t work in the real world of competitive website placement. It’s important to understand why most all real estate websites fail to gain search engine visibility. First, check out the Field of Dreams Myth commonly promoted in most MLS/IDX advertising.

“Get more leads with our IDX…” - By displaying MLS listings on your website, you are able to have buyers seek you out” - "Lead Capture MLS IDX System" - “This new functionality is sure to generate more leads …” - “seamlessly integrate the IDX functionality into your website” (relating to how it looks, not how it functions) – “Beating Your Competition!” (Because of enhanced MLS/IDX functions). – “Innovative technology bringing real estate buyers and sellers together.” (Refers to user friendly functions) The Myth Exposed

Notice the common theme of promoting “features” as the way to increase traffic? Since 81% of traffic comes from the search engines, their advertising promotes the wrong solution for gaining leads. Even useful features like: color coordinated functionality, individual branded pages, auto-responder client follow-up, customer tracking, spider friendly navigation, placing MLS listings on your web pages, etc. are not productive in bringing buyers to your website that use the search engines. In order for customers to be  “impressed” or “captured” by your sites’ bells and whistles, they need to be able to find your site in the first place!

The Naked Truth

The cold hard facts are that MLS/IDX providers have totally missed the boat by not developing a technology that uses both the actual MLS listings and all of the data fields contained in the listings to enhance website visibility. It is not enough to just have listings that look like they are seamlessly integrated into your web site; listings need to be restructured into an actual optimized page of your web site. More importantly, the individual data fields (city, features, etc.) that comprise the categories of the MLS listing, need to be parsed out and utilized to optimize both the landing pages and the link structures of your web site. Only MLS Enhancer has successfully incorporated these features that powerfully promote search engine visibility.
How You Can Win Top Search Engine Placement

The genius of MLS Enhancer’s patent-pending technology is that it creates a web site that is guided by algorithms to unlock a predetermined spider friendly structures that powerfully optimize landing pages as you provide original content about cities, master planned communities, neighborhoods, or themed feature categories like golf, equestrian, etc. Your site automatically provides the landing page categories and automatically integrates the optimized MLS listings into these landing pages. The number of niche market categories available for your use to win traffic is almost limitless, only being limited by the categories available in your regional MLS database. Best of all, you don’t need to be an e-pro trained person to produce a highly optimized web site that can win top search engine placement. The optimization of MLS Enhancer is in its "genes".

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