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Key Phrases, Advice and Training

Guidelines for Choosing Key Phrases.....In helping people choose key phrases for their web pages, make sure that they understand the importance of choosing niche market keywords. It is far better for them to have numerous niche market pages than a few competitive generic terms. As their site grows in content, Page Rank, and inbound linking, then they can take on the more competitive terms.

A large number of keywords can be derived from themed content such as: golf course homes, horse properties, historic homes, adult living communities, age restricted communities, investment rentals, discounted commissions, discount brokers, reduced commissions, flat rate commissions, fixed rate commissions, condos, townhouses, etc.)

A second large source of niche key phrases comes from using the names of communities (Dobson Ranch, Indian Springs, etc.)

Suggestions about Keywords

  1. Remember that Arizona, AZ, and Maricopa County are three important keywords.

  2. Action words (verbs) that can be used with keywords: search, find, list, buy, and sell Example: "Search Mesa Arizona Real Estate listings on MLS."

  3. Make the Title of the index page about 63 characters including spaces.

  4. The distance between keywords of the keyword phrase is important: the closer the better. Example: Phoenix Real Estate is better than Real Estate in Fast Growing Phoenix

  5. It is better to use the key phrase toward the beginning of the sentence. Example: Phoenix Real Estate is better than; Reports Show that Phoenix Real Estate is Still Appreciating.

  6. Longer Titles are better then short ones. Example: "Dobson Ranch Homes / MLS Real Estate Listings / Mesa AZ"

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